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US: Two school administrators shot by student at Denver high school

  • A shelter in place order was issued by authorities around the small town of Bailey, in Park County
  • Denver school officials, facing criticism over lax security, said they would put armed officers into the city's public high schools
  • Parents who converged on the 2,500-student campus on Wednesday faulted officials for not doing enough to protect their children

23 Mar 2023

At a high school in Denver on Wednesday, a 17-year-old student shot and wounded two administrators. The victims were brought to nearby hospitals, according to officials. According to Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas, after the shooting at East High School, the student ran away.

According to Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw, a body was discovered in the woods during the search for the suspect "two-tenths of a mile" from the suspect's vehicle. Although he noted that "formal identification" will presumably occur sometime Thursday morning, he did not immediately name the body as the suspect.

But, McGraw did state that locals should feel "I subsequently added, "I'm happy that we came up here and got the issue resolved. That is all I have to say at this time. It's done now."

Only a short time after the body was discovered, Park County dropped its shelter-in-place order. According to Denver Health, one of the victims, Jerald Mason, was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday night, while Eric Sinclair is still in critical condition. Austin Lyle, 17, was named as the suspect by police on Wednesday afternoon, and his photo was shared on social media. The suspect is a minor, which is why the chief didn't mention him during a press conference earlier.

A Black male who is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes was the suspect's description. The 2005 red Volvo XC90 with the Colorado license plate BSCW10 was thought to be his vehicle. Police announced Wednesday night that they had discovered the suspect's car in Park County but were still looking for him before a corpse was discovered.

Police claim that the suspect's last known clothing was a green hooded sweatshirt. Michael Hancock, the mayor, had earlier claimed that an astronaut was printed on the sweater.

Every school day, the pupil was searched as part of what Thomas called a "safety strategy." Officials withheld information regarding the specifics of the events that prompted the daily searches. Thomas added that no weapon was discovered on the student during earlier searches and that the searches were carried out in a quiet office area at the front of the school away from the students. Thomas said Wednesday afternoon that the police have not found the gun that was used in the shooting. His house was being searched for evidence by the authorities.

Superintendent of Denver Public Schools Alex Marrero announced that students will be dismissed early and that the school wouldn't be open the rest of the week. Marrero announced that until the end of the academic year, two armed officers will be stationed at the school. Hancock asked for the reinstatement of school resource officers in a statement noting that they had been expelled from the educational system.

The mayor declared, "Removing them was a mistake, and we must act quickly to fix it.

According to CBS Colorado, the incident took place barely over a month after 16-year-old Luis Garcia was shot in the vicinity of East High School. Weeks after the shooting, he passed away. 10 weapons were taken from kids in Denver schools between the beginning of the school year and February, according to Denver Public Schools.


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