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Pak High Commission in India shuts its inhouse school because of financial crisis

  • Pakistan's economic crisis worsens, leading to the closure of the Pakistan High Commission's school in Delhi due to low enrollment and unpaid salaries
  • Economic hardships have impacted the morale of teachers, with some reporting not receiving their salaries for a year
  • The country faces instability as a political dispute arises between the government and a party led by Imran Khan, resulting in violent clashes across Pakistan

29 May 2023

With inflation on the rise, Pakistan's economic crisis seems to be getting worse every day. The crisis has taken such a toll on the cash-strapped country that a school run by the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi was recently closed.

According to a reports, the Pakistan High Commission has suspended its school in the Indian capital due to the economic crisis and low enrollment.

“We have not been paid our salaries for the last year, which has also caused our morale to collapse,” said the teacher. "My salary is due for the last year, instead they fired me," said another teacher. It is worth mentioning here that Pakistan High Commission has put all its efforts to run the school. They also planned to cut school staff salaries and cut expenses. However, the plan did not work out and they finally decided to close the school.

An announcement was made last month that the school would remain closed due to low enrollment due to the reduced strength of the Pakistan High Commission. The announcement further stated that the force was reduced in June 2020 at the request of the host nation.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is threatened with instability due to a dispute between the current government and a political party led by Imran Khan over the arrest of the former prime minister in the Al-Qadir trust case. In May, Khan was arrested in Islamabad, sparking violent clashes across the country with supporters of the former prime minister attacking army and paramilitary installations.

It should be noted that as per the central government rule, only two children of a Pakistan High Commission employee can get admission in an Indian school.


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