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10-year-old child killed in Bangaon platform washroom bomb blast, probe on

  • A 10-year-old child named Raju Rai lost his life in a bomb blast inside a railway platform toilet in Bangaon Bakshi Palli, West Bengal
  • Authorities suspect that the bomb was deliberately planted in the toilet, leading to the tragic incident
  • Investigations have been initiated to determine the culprits responsible for the bombing, causing tension and concern in the community

05 Jun 2023

A devastating incident occurred on Monday morning when a bomb blast took the life of a 10-year-old child in a toilet built on a railway platform. The victim, identified as Raju Rai, went to the toilet to defecate when the explosion occurred. It is suspected that the bomb was placed inside the facility, leading to this unfortunate loss of life.

Local authorities, including the Bangaon police, swiftly arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation into the incident. West Bengal has been experiencing a series of explosions since last May, with fatalities reported in firecracker factory incidents in areas such as Agra, Bajaj, and English Bazar.

Raju Rai resided near the Bakshi Palli area where the incident took place. His father recounted that on Monday morning, they both went to the toilet before heading to their respective jobs. Raju was in the process of learning work at a nearby car garage, but tragically, he will never be able to pursue that opportunity.

According to Raju's father, he exited the toilet first, instructing his son to have breakfast at a restaurant before going to work. He went back briefly to inform his son, only to discover Raju lying on the ground, bleeding profusely in front of the toilet.

Raju's father rushed inside the toilet to find blood splattered everywhere. Despite the blast, Raju managed to open the door but succumbed to his injuries shortly after. The grieving father expressed the need for a thorough investigation into the incident, seeking justice and demanding answers regarding those responsible.

Local authorities revealed that the toilet was frequently used by many people in the area. Several individuals witnessed the blast after a loud explosion was heard. Upon approaching the scene, they discovered the toilet door ajar, with a teenager lying in a critical condition, bleeding profusely.

Initial reports indicate that two fresh bombs were concealed in a black bag inside the toilet. Investigations are underway to determine who planted the bombs, as the incident has caused tension and unrest in the community.

Gopal Seth, Chairman of Bangaon Municipality, expressed shock and sorrow upon visiting the site. He emphasized the need to refrain from making political accusations until the culprits behind the bombing are identified.


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